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Thursday, Aug. 23, 2007
I'm not dead

No, really, I'm not - I just forgot about my diary for, like, over a year! Today, I was telling a co-worker a cute story about Lucy, and she said "You should write those things down because you'll never remember them". And she's right - that's what I have this thing for, right? Lucy does something adorable, cute, funny, remarkable every day, and I need to archive those things.

So, this one happened last Sunday. I was looking through the ads in the paper and I saw some rain gear that I wanted to get at Fleet Farm -so I casually mention to Lucy, "hey, you want to go to Fleet Farm with Mommy?" She gets excited and for the next hour proceeds to pester me every two minutes as to when we are going. I find this very odd, because she doesn't really enjoy shopping with me usually. Finally, I ask her why she's so excited to go to Fleet Farm and she says "to see t he animals!"

Duh! How did this thought not occur to me? Of course she thought it was a farm with animals. How stupid could I be? So, I had to gently inform her that it wasn't actually a "farm" with animals. BUT - we were going there to get her rain boots, a rain coat and a cute umbrella - all with cute little animals on them! That helped - but she was still a little disappointed, and I was kicking myself for being so dumb and getting her hopes up!

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